'Just look at her choice in partner.'

'Balthier that doesn't make me feel better'

I just really want to know what sort of natural selection goes into a creature like this.

Also: Found in the plains semi-desert kingdom, and in the mines of a sky continent??? Though I suppose they might use it for labour but then WHY DOES IT ATTACK


"Channing Tatum Has Met With X-Men Producer About Playing Gambit"


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You gotta feel for him, though.

He’s been assumedly chasing Balthier for a few years, finally gets him in a cave with one way in-out, he’s blocking the entrance, so this time, this time for sure-

And then Balthier just pushes him aside, and Fran just straight up hops over him on her way out.

That’s gotta sting, man.

On thing I do appreciate about Ba’Gamnen is that he doesn’t, like, kill her or something, like most antagonists.

'I may be an asshole, but I'm a headhunter, not a psychopath!'

So, you know, kudos.


My daddy issues are tingling

My daddy issues are tingling

Fucking hell Lamont

Fucking hell Lamont