Nothing says “cosplay” like hot glue burns on your inner thigh


My section for the beautiful Yaoi Hands anthology zine. More info here

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Oh no! Quick, to Amazon!

Ah, yes.

I can see how that would be concerning for you, Amazon.

Tales of Xillia 2 is a cruel, cruel game.

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@thisperspective said: WOW~! Please share what it’s complete!

For sure! Providing I finish it (only a little over a month left!) But I’ve got a good pace going, and I work best under pressure!

So I’m working on this cosplay, right

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Hiccup the Chief 


Hiccup the Chief 

@welcometotheoldworld said: Are you playing Xillia 1 or 2, before I comment?

2, but it doesn’t really matter, it’s the same voice clip in both. THERE’S NO ESCAPE

Mutton! Fresh mutton!

Every fucking salesman in the whole of Reiza Maxia and Elympios